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Power Rangers Movie: 5 Things we want to see in the sequel

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The Power Rangers reboot film by Lionsgate has launched to mostly positive reviews so far, in fact we loved it. The story is basically a rehash of Dawn of the Dumpster episode 1 with some slight variations to the back story. With Zordon and Rita being the original Red and Green Rangers, Lionsgate was able to keep the core story of the Rangers intact while only slightly changing some minor backstory details. With a planned six films in the works, there are of course plenty of avenues for Lionsgate to take the series, especially with over 830 episodes of the TV show done so far over 24 seasons. 

We went ahead and brainstormed, coming up with five of the main things we want to see in the sequel. They are listed in no particular order and are all listed below. Some deal with answers to things that occurred in the first film, while others introduce some familiar Ranger items/themes. Let us know what you want to see below

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1. Teleportation

The original series featured a kind of Star Trek like beam me up whenever the Rangers wanted to go anywhere or return to the Command Center. Doing so was either done by Alpha/Zordon or the Rangers themselves with their watches. This film sees the Rangers trek up through the mountain, only to jump down into the water and swim through a water shield. This obviously takes up a lot of time as the Rangers need to physically walk from wherever they are back to the Command Center. The ability to teleport not only makes a lot of sense for the movie, but for the story line itself. With Rita telling the Rangers that more will come for the Zeo crystal, this opens up the possiblity of other worlds, most likely Lord Zedd. The Rangers were teleported multiple times to Rita's dark dimension in trying to rescue other Rangers, defeat Goldar for the green flame candle as well as retrieve the Zeo crystal with Tommy. With this film focusing on the Rangers just learning their new powers, the sequel could and should expand on them to include teleporting. After all, with all the advanced tech, Zords, morphing and weapons, do the Rangers really still need to walk to the Command Center? Just sayin'

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2. Power Weapons

This really is a must to be honest. When the Rangers first get their powers in the film, the first fight sees Jason expand his right arm to create a Mass Effect Omni-tool like spear weapon. No Power Weapons were shown at all in the film, with the exception of the Power Sword at its conclusion. Jason stowes it in the Command Center, promising Zordon he'll come back for it. Unfortunately, that's as much as we got without the Power Axe, Power Daggers, Power Lance and Power Bow. The Power Blasters also weren't featured in the film. Not only do these help the Rangers fight, but they combine to make the Power Blaster which allowed them to defeat many enemies without using Zords. All five of the Power Weapons would make an excellent addition to the sequel, especially with the credit scene teasing the next Ranger to be featured.

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3. Tommy Oliver Green Ranger, Dragonzord, Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness

At the end of the film, the credit scene reveals the school's detention teacher calling out Tommy Oliver's name, but we only see an empty desk with a green sweatshirt draped over the chair. Obviously in the sequel, Tommy will take over the helm of the Green Ranger with the exact specifics of how currently unknown. After Rita's defeat and Jason's bitch slap into outer space, she's seen without her staff and Green Power Coin. These are obviously still left on Earth and will be found by the Rangers for the sequel. There is a whole bunch of damage in Angel Grove, and of course someone needs to find the coin. Does Tommy just randomly find it while walking on the street or looking for someone he cares about in the damage? Do the Rangers find it and give it to him? Does a new enemy find it and lure Tommy to evil first as in the original TV show? Tommy's tie in story will play a lot into this sequel, but also the remaining four movies afterward.

In addition, the new Zords of this film were pretty damn cool. The new designs were a bit off, and we liked them all with the exception of the Megazord. As a traditionalist when it comes to things like comics and superheroes, I preferred the Rangers all together in the Megazord than in their individual parts of the arms and legs as in the film. Tommy of course powers the Dragonzord, which on its own was able to defeat the Megazord pretty handily. The Green Ranger is not only one of the most if not the most iconic Ranger of all time, but he's also my personal favorites. Seeing Tommy become the Green Ranger in the sequel is going to be more anticipated than this first film was as a whole considering the aura of mystery around the character and his origins itself.

Lord Zedd

4. Lord Zedd Serpentera / What happened to Rita

I included these together because they kind of have to go hand in hand. In the original TV series, Zedd was Rita's "boss" so to speak, and showed up in season 2 after Rita's repeated failures. Her base was always on the moon, and saw her launch her staff down to Earth in order to "Make my monster grow". At the end of the film, Rita is seen floating into space, of course directly for the moon, before she freezes due to the frigid space temperatures. With Rita being such an iconic Ranger character, they simply can't make her go away, right?

Her story should round out in the next film, with a couple of viable possibilities. She could somehow survive on the moon and attempt to retrieve her Green Ranger coin, somehow getting Tommy Oliver in the process. They could show her defeated and have Lord Zedd show up with a reference to how they are connected. Lionsgate could also make their own slight alteration to this story as well just as they did Zordon and Rita's origins. If Zedd is brought into the film, there should be a Serpentera monster. This was his huge dragon monster in the series. Surely, with a monster so powerful the Rangers could implement the Dragon Zord and, dare we say, the Mega Dragonzord?

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5. Morphin' Roll Call

This was the best part of the series by far, and I was disappointed this wasn't featured in the film. Each time the Rangers would morph, they would hold their Power Morphers out in front of them and call out their corresponding dinosaur. You remember, like this.

With the Ranger suits now part of themselves as they have come together as a team, the Rangers can morph anywhere without the Command Center. After all, the very first time Billy morphs in the film shows this. A simple Tony Stark, Ironman-like cinematic with the armor coming over the Rangers isn't enough, and the roll call really should be added to preserve the nostalgic moment for most fans. 


Other things from the film we feel will also tie into the sequel are interesting as well. What happens to Zack's mom and how does he react if she passes away from her illness? What's up with Trini's parents? Does Kimberly get over sending out nude pics of her classmate? How do the citizens of Angel Grove react to the Rangers after all the damage done to the town? We expect them to be grateful, of course, especially after the end scene with them all cheering and taking pictures. On the other hand, we know how human nature can be so it will be interesting to see how the subtle backdrop elements of the film take hold as well.

There is still no date on the sequel, but if we had to guess it would come some time in 2019. Also, no information on who is playing Tommy Oliver has been released as well. Let us know what you think of the movie, as well as what you want to see in the sequel below. 

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