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Inhumans Has Been Cancelled Already and it Hasn't Even Hit TV Yet

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Well, that didn't take long, huh? Inhumans has been absolutely eviscerated by critics during its IMAX run in theaters. The remaining episodes are scheduled to air next week to complete the eight episode run, and it looks like that's all we are going to get as the show has been cancelled with no further episodes to be filmed. 

There were plans to continue the series with additional seasons after plans for the film were swapped to TV. As we noted prior to the IMAX screening, we were incredibly worried about what we saw. It turns out that we were right. I watched the episodes despite my own desire not to in order to be an informed individual. Inhumans is absolutely horrible. The effects, plot, story and overall C-list acting quality really destroyed what should have been an amazing special effects show. 

As you can tell, according to Renew Cancel TV, Inhumans is now being promoted as 'The Complete Series'. This indicates that no future episodes will be shot, as it would say complete season if they were, not series. There have been rumors of ABC being upset with Marvel over the bad quality as they are already committed to airing the episodes despite the awful reviews. 

Take a look at the promo image up top, and Inhumans airs on ABC beginning September 29th 

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